Seen in an ordered sequence here, where colors and various decorative combinations metamorphose, the images in Wallpaper Samples develop a kind of syntax. The work addresses, not without humor, the impact and power involved in the overlaying of taste (values). The work combines and re-orders decorative wallpaper motifs using superimposition, fragmentation, deletion and inversion -- among other digital/collage techniques -- gestures which also become visual translations of psychological state. The ubiquitous kitchen wallpaper Hen passively sits amidst this turmoil and reordering.

4 color digital inkjet Iris Prints, 18 x 24" on Summerset 330 RW paper, UV coated. The 35 images in this series are each limited to an edition of 5.

In another version of this work, "Hens, Cows, Canoes, and Wallpaper," a short story by L.A. fiction writer Nancy Krusoe is interwoven throughout the ordered images. This version, a limited edition artist's book is digitally printed , 6 x 8", 65 pages. An edited Web adaptation of this piece can be seen at the California Museum of Photography web site,

---Lisa Bloomfield