Virtual tour of Kathleen King's solo show, "PLASTIC PICTORIALS" (2 - 15 min. download)
(Quick Time Movie by Todd Anderson)

The exhibit was at the Fine Arts Building Gallery,
410 S. Michigan Ave. suite 433, Chicago, IL just last Oct 2005.

The art works are primarily acrylic with some mixed media, on canvas. The sizes
range from 11" x 14" x 1" to 60" x 72"X 1 1/2" for the rectangular format canvases.

The violet "Botanica" series wall was a one time painting salon installation of 52
circular and oval format canvases, sizes range from 5" x 5" x 1" to 24" x20" x 1".

The obsessive nature of King's work in this exhibit explores layered forays
into Ornamental Abstraction. Her works do not move in time as the actual
4th dimension, but, as the viewer attempts to take in all the visual relationships
present in each work, a hypnotic sense of time and movement is strong.