Michael Miller

Nano Stories in a Blink

An Artist's Tumble Book

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Flatman Poster (digital print, 18 in. x 14 in., 2006) Michael Miller
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NANO- STORIES IN A BLINKis a 24 page comic book that
contains two image-based stories -- "Flatman" and "Face to Face".

FLATMAN is a two dimensional guy existing in a two dimensional world.
Each panel is a" story in a blink". They show FLATMAN negotiating
everyday situations, using his unusual abilities to cope with the struggles
of daily survival. FLATMAN holds his angled iconic head high in his quest
to remain unscathed by life's grind. In spite of the fact that he is worn flat
by everyday foibles and perils, he retains a shard of hope and pride.
FLATMAN copes with his situation by directly facing the ironies and com-
plexities of daily existence. This group of panels, an ongoing series,
depict FLATMAN as martyr, overburdened, self reflective, unsteady, con-
strained, manipulative as well as being quirky, adaptable and, hopefully, oddly funny.

The saga of FLATMAN will continue in an effort to discover his true abilities
and depth of character.

The second story, FACE TO FACE is a 13 panel narrative The images
in this part of the book deals with group dynamics and the role of the
individual within the group. In some instances, the point of view is
from that of the participant, and in other situations; it's from the observer.
Depicted are characterizations of individuals and groups in conflict,
harmony and uncertainty. Consistent in all of the pieces
are the struggles involved in human social survival.

NANO can be ordered from www.sararanchouse.com