CD-ROM Case Cover by J.-F. D.


The Gifting Materials

J-F. D.'s Gifting Poster Placed in Prominent Areas of Paris Depicting
the Anonymous Gifting Envelope Placed in Diverse Areas of Paris

The Larger, Anonymous Gifting Envelope Contains a White Envelope with 20 Euros

In May 2008 a devoted French gifter, J.-F. D., sent L.E. Don a CD-ROM with a gaggle of gifting images. Monsieur B. gifted both personally and anonymously. This page is dedicated to this French-man's wit and great generosity.

Art Student Sketching at the
Luxembourg Gardens, Paris

MFA Candidate Hanging his
Exhibit of Paintings at the Ecole
des Beaux Arts, Paris

British Green Peace Employee
on Vacation for his Tenth Wedding Anniversary, Dining with his Wife at
a Parisien Seafood Restaurant

Opera Devotees During Inter-
mission at the Opera Garnier

Itinerant Musican on Paris
Metro Pockets his Gift

Two Art Students Sketching at
Le Parc de la Villette, Paris

Itinerant Street Musician Gifted
After His Performance, Near Notre
Dame, by the River Seine, Paris
(video clip, 50

Envelope and Ad, Store
Window Gifting, Paris

Envelope Taped to Anti-
Capitalist Poster, Paris

Envelope Placed on Stone
Bench in Parc Bagatelle, Paris

Envelope and Sign
Interaction, Paris

Envelope and Empty Wine Glass,
Statue near
the Musée de
l'Orangerie des Tuileries, Paris

Gift Left in the Place
de Vosges, Paris

Envelope on Resistance
Memorial Plaque, Paris
(Note Art Stamp with an Image
of U.S. Vice-Pres. Cheney)

Envelope on Resistance
Memorial Plaque, Paris

(Note Art Stamp with an Image
of U.S. Vice-Pres. Cheney)

Visitors, Musée Carnavalet, Paris
(Inset Shows Detail of Placement)

Envelope with Sign to French Revolution Exhibit in the Musée Carnavalet, Paris

Envelope in Trash Can, Paris

Envelope on Toilet in the
Musée Victor Hugo, Paris

Envelope Attached to an Art
Poster, Gift Store, Paris

(Note Art Stamp of Cheney)

Anonymous Gifting at the Georges
Pompidou Centre's Gift Shop
(Inset Shows a Woman Picking
Up the Large Gift Envelope)

Envelope Left in a Bistrot, Paris

Envelope Left in Room Safe,
Hotel Relais St.-Germain, Paris

Gift Envelope Displayed on
Contemporary Sculpture, Paris

Honoring the United States's Marshall
Plan with a Gifting Envelope, Paris