CD-ROM Case Cover as Sent by Signor Gianni B.


The Gifting Materials

20 euros clipped to card and placed in white envelope
below, then placed in the larger manila envelope.
When gifting an individual, Gianni would initiate contact
with: "Buon giorno, questo è il suo giorno fortunato."
(Good day, this is your lucky day.)

"It's a gift!" postcard featuring Silvio Berlesconi included in gift envelope

In December 2009 a devoted Italian gifter, Gianni B., sent L.E. Don a CD-ROM with a large number of gifting images from Venice, the Lake Garda district, Rome, and his own city, Milan. Shy, Gianni gifted mainly anonymously. This page is dedicated to this Italian's generosity and his girlfriend, Paolo (see above image), who first started him gifting.

Gianni B. Wearing a Mask of
Venetian Poet, Giorgio Baffo


Art Student, Venice

Campanile, San Giorgio
Maggiore, Venice

San Giorgio Maggiore, Venice

San Giorgio Maggiore,
Sarcophagus, Venice

San Giorgio Maggiore, Candle
Devotional, Venice

Political Poster, Venice

Tourist Postcards, Venice

Face-like Mail Slot, Venice

Peggy Guggenheim,
Museum, Venice

Archaeology Museum, Venice

Isola di Burano

Trattoria, Island of Burano

Municipal Sign, Island of Burano

Public Toilet, Island of Burano


Student, Padua University

Information Desk, Basilica
of St. Anthony, Padua

Tomb of St. Anthony, Basilica
of St. Anthony, Padua

Entrance, University of Padua

Motorbike, University of Padua

Lago di Garda

Ruins of Catullus Villa, Sirmione

Catullus Villa, Sirmione

Niche, Catullus Villa, Sirmione

Churchyard, Sirmione

Tourist Postcards, Sirmione

Lago di Garda

Mime, Desenzano

War Memorial, Desenzano

Shop Display, Desenzano

Old Castle, Desenzano

Bubble Gum Display, Desenzano


Sign, Desenzano

Statue to St. Angela
of Mercy, Desenzano

Snack Bar, Desenzano

Lake Boat from Desenzano,
Lago di Garda

Gardone Riviera,
Lago di Garda

Keith Haring Trash Bag,
Heller Garden, Gardone Riviera

Sculpture, Heller Garden,
Gardone Riviera

Roy Lichtenstein Sculpture,
Heller Garden, Gardone Riviera

Statue of Ganesh, Heller
Garden, Gardone Riviera

Gabriele D'Annuzio's
Estate, Gardone Riviera

Aviators Memorial, Gabriele
D'Annunzio's Estate, Gardone Riviera

Gabriele D'Annuzio's
Estate, Gardone Riviera

Lago di Garda

Beppe Bonetti Exhibition,
Malcine Castle, Malcesine

The Goethe Room, Malcine
Castle, Malcesine

Gallery Display, Malcesine

Trattoria, Malcesine

Lago di Garda

Municipal Sign, Garda

Lago di Garda

Political Poster, Bardolino

Community Display, Bardolino

Hotel Entrance, Bardolino

Church Bulletin
Board, Bardolino

A Bad Ass Bar, Bardolino



Clown, Courtyard, Milan
Cathedral, Milano (wine
was tossed in as a bonus)

Jesus on the Web,
Milan Cathedral, Milano

Milan Cathedral
Offering Box, Milano


Musei in Commune, Rome

Posing Gladiator, Campodoglio, Rome

Raphael's Tomb, Pantheon, Rome

Restroom, Capitoline Museum, Rome

Ancient Monument, Rome

Vecchia Roma Restaurant, Rome

Fascist E.U.R. Complex, Rome

Indian Tourist Photographer,
Trivi Fountain, Rome

Taxi Driver, Spanish Steps, Rome

Saint Agnes in Agony Church, Rome