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Personal Gifting:

L.E. Don gifting an elder
home resident, Oak Park, IL

Pedestrian, Chicago, IL

Pedestrian, Oak Park, IL

State Department Officer, Wash., D.C.

Art Student, Chicago, IL

Pedestrian, Oak Park, IL

Construction Worker, Oak Park, IL

Prof.of Psychology, Chicago, IL

CTA Worker, Chicago, IL

Homeless Man, Chicago, IL

Jogger, Madison, WI

Architect, Minneapolis, MN

Art History Student, Chicago, IL

Direct Mailing of Gifts (manila envelopes)
and Posters (regular envelopes)

Gifting an organization assisting,
artists suffering life threatening illnesses, San Francisco, CA

Gifting a Community Arts
Organization, Chicago, IL

Striking Worker, Congress
Hotel, Chicago, IL

Art Student, Chicago, IL

Art History Professor, Chicago, IL

Art Institute Museum Visitor, Chicago, IL

South Korean Tourist, Oak Park, IL

Shaman (and wife), Cheyenne
Nation, Stevens Point, WI

Fishing Guide, Boyd's Mason
Lake Resort, Fifield, WI

Photographic Artist, Los Angeles, CA

Lemonade Stand, Santa Ana, CA

Gasoline Customer, Oak Park, IL

Art Professor, Chicago, IL

New Ph.D.student, Chicago, IL
Our first "Big One" gift of $100

6th Grader, the third "Big One" gift by
a fan club member, Traverse City, MI

Fraternal Twins, Twinsburg, OH

Fraternal Twins, Cleveland, OH

Art Professor, Albuquerque, NM

Greektown, Chicago, IL

Man Gifted at the Boycott
Macy's Rally, Chicago, IL

Gifting Owner of a Custom
Motorcycle, Portland, OR

Art Professor, San Rafael, CA

Latte-maker, Buzz Cafe, Oak Park, IL

Soldier Departs for Iraq, Travis AFB, CA

Street Puppeteer, Chicago, IL

Emerging Artist, Chicago, IL

Office Secretary, Seattle, WA

University Student, Shanghai, China

Sister-In-Law, St. Louis, MO

Patent Lawyer from Beijing,
China, EL Train, Chicago, IL

Homeless Man Selling Streetwise
Magazine near Art Insitute of Chicago

Computer Expert, Chicago, IL

Young Chinese Women at an
Art Museum, Shanghai, China

University Accounting
Major, Schaumburg, IL

A Writer Gifts an Attendee at
the Author's Book Signing, NYC

Cowboy in a Pickup, Sheridan, WY

Sushi Chef, Chicago, IL

Door County Scottie Rally President,
Bailey's Harbor, WI

Woman Selling House to go into
an Elder Home, West Hills, CA

Photographic Artist, Ventura, CA

Student at Starbucks,
Woodland Hills, CA

Students at Williams College,
Williamstown, MA

Biology Major at Williams
College, Williamstown, MA

George, Restaurant Pianist
at The Inn at Weston, VT

Jo Babcock, Maker of Low-Tech
Cameras, San Francisco, CA

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Store Santa, Navy Pier, Chicago, IL

Student, Beloit
College, Beloit, WI

Campus Security Guard,
Roosevelt University, Robin
Campus, Schaumburg, IL

Artist and Owner of Studio
Light, Oak Park, IL

Resident, Oak Park, IL

Brazilian Artist/Poet
Visiting Chicago, IL

Student, School of the
Art Institute of Chicago

Worker, Registrar's Office at The
School of the Art Institute of Chicago

The fourth"Big One" gift of $100
to an Honorable Mention Winner at
a South Loop Chicago Juried Photo-
graphy Exhibition (compensation for
not wininng First Place in the show)

Salesman, Woodfield Mall,
Schaumburg, IL

Artist and Bride-to-be,
Chicago, IL

Artist at opening of his
art show, Chicago, IL

Gifting Trick-or-Treater, Chicago. IL

Wait-Person, The Cheesecake
Factory, Schaumburg, IL

The fifth "Big One" Gift:
Cooperative Education Employee
leaving to teach in Public Schools,
School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Gifting Obama, Chicago, IL

Belly Dancer, Mardi Gras Benefit
for Cerebral Palsy, Oak Park, IL

Artist in a Gallery Exhibition,
Wittenberg, WI

Musician with Baby Grand Piano,
Mohave Desert Campground, CA

Geek Squad Agent
Oak Park, IL

Engineering Student, Milwaukee.
Art Center, Milwaukee, WI

Staff, Little Bohemia Lodge,
Manitowish Waters, WI

Halloween, Evanston, IL

Chicago Photographer's 60 Year Retrospective Exhibit, Chicago, IL

Symposium Attendee, Museum
of Contemporary Art, Chicago

The sixth "Big One" $100 gift to a waiter at Restaurant Nine, Chicago

M. A. Art History student, Univer-
sity of New Mexico, Albuquerque

International VisCom Grad Student, School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Homeless Artist, Michigan

Jobless Man, Chicago

The seventh "Big One' gift to a departing office manager at the Cooperative Education Dept., SAIC, Chicago
Special Project:
Gifting in Paris, France
Special Project:
Gifting in Italy
Special Project:
Gifting Paolo Soleri,
Arcosanti, Mayer, AZ
Special Project:
Christmas Holiday Gifting
in New York City
Special Project:
Gifting Scotland
Anonymous Gifting:
who will find the gift?

BMW Parked Improperly, Chicago, IL

Gift Left on Public Bench, Oak Park, IL

Gift Left in Thrift Store, Oak Park, IL

Gift Left in Outdoor Toilet, Oak Park, IL

Gifting the U. S. Mail, Oak Park, IL

Gifting Movers, Hot Day, Oak Park, IL

Countering Ticket Fine, Oak Park, IL

Hotel Lobby, Oak Park, IL

Apartment Complex, Oak Park, IL

F. L. Wright Statue, Oak Park, IL

Pig Sculpture, Oak Park, IL

School Bulletin Board, Chicago, IL

Revolving Door, Chicago, IL

Free Paper Dispenser, Oak Park, IL

Virtual Gifting, Window, Oak Park, IL

Joan Miro Museum, Barcelona, Spain

Bookstore, Munich, Germany

Piet Mondrian Painting and Gift,
Stedelijk Museum, Netherlands

Toy Store, Sponge Bob
Holds Gift, Detroit, MI

A Fish Swing, The Fish
Museum, Hayward, WI

Restroom Sink, Park Falls, WI

Drugstore, Park Falls, WI

Vacationer's Fishing Boat,
Long Lake, Fifield, WI

Gift on Window Display, Hayward, WI

$100 Gifting After a Freak Summer
Freeze, Goodnews Bay, Alaska

Obfuscating a Racial Slur, NYC

Dining Surprise, Bennigan's
Restaurant, Chicago, IL

Children's Swing, Lexington, KY

Temple of the Dawn, Bangkok,Thailand

"The Big One" Gift left on a table
at Barney's Beanery Restaurant,
Los Angeles, CA

Chinese Architecture Diorama,
Urban Planning Exhibition Center
Shanghai, China

Gift Envelope Left on City
Sidewalk, New York, NY

Gift Envelope Left on Lookout at
Ancient Ruins, Tucume, Peru

Gift Envelope Sent to Museum Curator

Gift Left for Homeless
Man, Quito, Ecuador

Gifting Visitor to The Clark,
Museum, Williamstown, MA

Art Museum, Williams College,
Williamstown, MA

Dragon-Dancer holds Gifting
Envelope, Chinatown, Chicago, IL

"Adaptations" Exhibit, The Smart
Museum of Art, University of Chicago

Brochure Display, Museum of
Contemporary Art, Chicago, IL

Bruce Nauman Installation,
Museum of Contemporary Art
Chicago, IL

Entrance, Kellogg School of
Chicago, IL

Ken Fandell Installation, Museum
of Contemporary Art, Chicago, IL

Plaque, Shedd Aquarium, Chicago, IL

Display, Shedd Aquarium, Chicago, IL

Gift Shop, Shedd Aquarium, Chicago, IL

Seal, Shedd Aquarium, Chicago, IL

Carved Bear Sculpture, Poynette, WI

Fireman Sculpture, Wittenberg, WI

Tourist Info Display, Wausau, WI

Gifting Pincocchio, Stevens Point, WI

Books, Antique Store, Portage, WI

Uneeda Lunch, Window, Antigo, WI

Bank Doors, Antigo, WI
Paper Display, University of
Wisconsin, Madison, WI

Urinal, Milwaukee Art
Center, Milwaukee, W

Historical Society, University of
Wisconsin, Madison, WI

City Bench, Park Falls, WI

Men's Room, Museum of
Contemporary Art, Chicago

Henry Moore Exhibit, Block Gallery,
Northwestern University, Evanston, IL

William Eggleston Exhibit,
Art Institute of Chicago