The Famous Don Seal: This ancient Don Family seal depicts, appropriately, a person opening an envelope with paper money sticking out of it:



Start a L. E. Don fan club in your town; print out his suitable-for-framing celebrity photo, alumnus listing, and posters:

L. E. Don's Motto: "What's don cannot be undon."



L. E. Don wants you start a Fan Club in your area:

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New Fan Club Member Learns About L. E. Don's Project

New Fan Club Member's Poster Design

Metal Gifting Sign Created by the Schaumburg Fan Club

Metal Gifting Sign in situ, Berwyn, IL

Fan Club Members Made Postcards for Direct Mailings (click image)

Calling Card-size Handout by Fan Club Member

Fan Club Poster: Training Session

Mother of Fan Club Student Lectures on "Children Gifting Children" at a Secondary School

Gift Poster Based on a Secondary School Child's Sketch

Gift Poster Showing New Envelope Design by Schaumburg Fan Club Member

Romantic Theme Poster Design by Schaumburg Fan Club Member

Poster Design by Schaumburg Fan Club Member

When Yer Giftin' yer Smokin', poster by Fan Club Member

Gifting Blues Prevention Poster Design by Schaumburg Fan Club Member

Fan Club Poster: Dawn of a New Day

Fan Club Members on a Gifting Spree in Chicago's Loop

Poster Design by the Schaumburg Fan Club

A Gifting Sculpture Created by Fan Club Members (sculpture can be moved to different
locales; the gift envelope attaches to the dowl "arms" by means of double-sided tape)

Fan Club Poster: Constructed-to-be-Photographed

Fan Club Poster: Fear of the Gift

Fan Club Poster: Ludic

Fan Club Poster: Skepticism

Gratuitous Giving Poster Contest Winners:

First Place: M. Z. N., Milwaukee, WI

Second Place: S. B.., Los Angeles, CA

Third Place: 6th Grade Class, Our Lady of the Valley Church, Palo Alto, CA

Fourth Place: K-R. A. Z., Buffalo, NY

Fifth Place, H. T., Stony Brook, NY

Honorable Mention, B. J., Naperville, IL

Runner's Up, G. C., Siena, Italy

Most Philsophical Entry with a Typo, L. K., Madison, WI

Best Appropriational Entry, T. K., Santa Monica, CA

Runner's Up, Appropriational Entry, J. H.,, Seattle, WA

Weirdest Entry Award, B. S., Chicago, IL

Funniest Entry, J. H., Chicago, IL

Best Foreign Entry Award, J.-F D., Paris, France

The Hans Haacke Art-As-Social Weapon Award, S. Q., New York, NY


Gratuitous Giving patches and T-shirts: high quality sewn patches for your jacket for winter gifting sprees ($10 each) and handsome T-shirts which come in small, medium, and large sizes; wear them when you gift people; $20 each. If you are one of our gifters and you send in a photo of whomever you gift, we will thank you by sending you either a free T-shirt or a sew-on patch featuring our logo. Place your order via our webmaster at


"You've just been gfited": L. E. Don demonstrates the proper gifting garb and gesture
(Click image to get a printable poster based on this image)