Critical Writings Listing of Hugunin's Published Writings
Discipline and Photograph: The Prison Experience by James R. Hugunin (excerpt) Discipline and Photograph, The Exhibition Catalogue by James R. Hugunin
The Aesthetic Use of Machinic Beings by James R. Hugunin Writing Pictures: Selected Essays, 1987 - 1993 by James R. Hugunin (intoduction, HTML version)
Fingering Photography, Index and Digit by James R. Hugunin (excerpt) by James Hugunin (U-Turn E-zine 1:1, 1998)
Meditations on an Ukranian Easter Egg by James R. Hugunin (from Writing Pictures:Selected Essays) Ralph Syverson: The Future of Ecstasy, An Interview by Michael Workman
Writing Pictures:: Case Studies in Photographic Criticism, 1983 - 2012 by James R. Hugunin It's Art, But Is It Photography? Robert Smithson's Photoworks by James R. Hugunin
Visionary Architecture: Frank Lloyd Wright vs. House on the Rock by Julie Reichert-Marton

The Cut of the Kitschen Knife: A Catalogue Essay on the Artwork of Helene Smith-Romer by James R. Hugunin

Confronting the Centerfolds as Single-Frame Cinema: the Temporal, Filmic
Aesthetics of Cindy Sherman's Photography
by J. M. Magrini
Towards an Understanding of Antonin Artaud's Film Theory: The Seashell and the Clergyman
by J. M. Magrini
T"he ExtremeOphiles" an Introduction to Gary Smith's Favela da Rocinha, Brazil by James R. Hugunin

The Disclosure of Art by Walker Thistead

Wreck and Ruin: Photography, Temporaity, and Word (Dis)order by James R. Hugunin

The Judicious Palette of Time: Avery Danziger's Recent Photo Work by James R. Hugunin
The Map is not the Territory by James R. Hugunin

"Where Journalists Won't Go," Introduction to Gary Mark Smith's 2018 photobook Trvelogueing the Dark Side
by James R. Hugunin

Introduction to Eckhard Gerfes's Cistern Tawdry by James R. Hugunin "High End": Susan Ressler's Photograhs from L.A.. by James R. Hugunin
"Lewis Koch: Totems and Other Photo-Assemblages" 2020 monograph by James R. Hugunin. L'a.b.c. du faux cinematique de Rene Fendt (1996) catalogue essay by James R. Huugnin

Creative Writings

Basco's Dilemma: Chapter One (2001),
by James R. Hugunin (a playful novel /a novel play)

Tarspackled Banner (2000), a hypertext novel (in printable pdf files) as sent from the future by J.A. Ellis and found and edited by James Hugunin ELDER PHYSICS: The Wrong of Time: Stories from an Elder Home (2011),
by James R. Hugunin (a novel)
Something is Crook in Middlebrook (2012),
by James R. Hugunin (a novel)
Picky Papers, Trilogy: Journals of the Plague Year (2020-22),
by James R. Hugunin (docu-fiction)
Three Elder Storiies
three short stories excerpted from the novel Elder Phsycis: The Wrong of Time (2011) by James R. Hugunin
"Piccola Uccello, Chartreuse 14." a story from The Race: Tales in Flight,edited by Patrick R.Nagatani,
by Felissia Cappelletti
Chit for Chat: a Dialogue Between (2023),
by James R. Hugunin (a wacky script)

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